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Sup all. I started playing Worms2 back in 1998 when persuaded by SalaciousC, and I quickly became addicted. I mainly play B&G, but I also (try to) Rope and occassionally play other custom games. I stopped playing in 2002 because I got a router, and Worms was not compatible, but I have recently started playing again thanks to the IP Switcher utility and the router port forwarding information.

How to get Worms2 Working in Windows XP with a Router or Firewall


Download Section:


Beavis and Butt-Head Soundbank

Bill Engvall Soundbank

Wicked's Borat Soundbank

Southpark Soundbank



Des Worms2 Patches

High Resolution Patch (1024x768)

DirectX v9 Patch

No CD, etc. Patches

IP Switcher Utility


Sets and Maps

B&G Sets

Roper Sets

Jake Sets


Worms2 Ladder